Perk Events' utilizes an inventory of best event visual design equipment including giant LED Screens of the highest quality and configuration. Our design & production teams work together to make sure that the visual elements are in sync with the physicl design aspects of the set design and event theme. Our Audio Visual technology is the best in the country and your visitors shall be mesmerized by the design and scale of the audio visual design by Perk Events.

Perk Events' production team used only the best brands of all audio visual equipment and every single equipment is tested for safety and durability. We understand each type of event very well, and use the most appropriate sound system, audio equipment, LED Screens and projectors for each event considering the scale and size of the event. Our team also provides constant technical and logistical support for each event in terms of supplying adequate manpower to manage the audio visual equipment.

Providing the Best Event Audio Visual Services for Events in India

Venue Survey & Analysis of the Venue
Our production team thoroughly surveys the event venue and studies the requirements for the event according to the venue.
Analysis of Crowd Size & Type
The selection of appropriate sound system and display/visual equipment for the event also depends a lot on the crowd size and demographics of the visitors.
Dependence on the Timing of the Event
The type of audio and visual equipment and designs for the event depends on the time of the event. For example the sound & display requirements shall be different for an event conducted in daylight vs an event conduct during night.
Requirements of the Artists & Speakers at the Event
The different artists have different technical, light & sound riders and the audio visual equipment deployed at the event must fulfill the requirements of the artists. Similarly, if there are lectures or speeches to be made, the audio requirements shall be completely different.