Well planned event branding strategy is key to projecting a good image of the event for your sponsors, audiences and key partners. Event branding not only refers to the branding for promting the event, but also the in-event and post event branding in addition to the online branding through social media and event website.

By putting special emphasis on the event branding, the best event branding services by Perk Events ensure that every single person and entitiy associated with your event whether that is an audience, a sponsor or a third party observer gets a very good impression about your event.

Services for Event Branding by Perk Events

Event Promotion
We make sure that you event leaves a very good promotion through the branding of the event. We ensure that your event logo and creatives reach the right spots offline and online.
Event Hoardings
We can put up hoardings promoting your event in the city of events and/or nationally based on our budget and event requirements.
360 Degree Event Marketing
This include event branding on television, social media, internet, apps, press, local media, national media, posters, flyers, brochures etc.
Event Cakes & Confectionary
By serving a branded cake and associated confectionary, we can help you project a very elite image of your event to the attendees whicj they shall remember for life.
Conference Folders
If you are organizing a corporate or academic event such as corporate conferences, we can help you put your branding very elegantly on the folders and files as well as other stationary of your event such as lanyards, badges, paper bags, carry bags etc.
LED Screens and Digital Signage
We can put giant LED Screens during your event where your branding can be played along with the sponsors' logos and advertisements.
Sponsor Backdrops
Having appropriately sized sponsor backdrops where the visitors can take photographs is a very necessary part of your sponsor obligations for any events, and it also create a good activity area to generate considerable interaction opportunities for all your guests and photographs for their social media profiles. We can help you design and put up such sponsor backdrops at appropriate places.