One of the most prestigious formal events at any university or college is the convocation ceremony. At the convocation ceremony, the graduating batch students are formally awarded their degrees. This day is significant for the students as they pass one phase of their lives and enter the next. It is significant for the institution as on this day they declare the completion of education of their students and send them to make their careers in the world.

As this day is held in high regard by the student community, institute as well as the media and outside observers, it is important to project an image of highest standard of professionalism. Perk Events' provide our expert convocation event planning, management, theme design and direction, staging, audio - visual, lights & sound, security and catering services for convocation events, in addition to arranging the academic regalia, stationary as well as all specific requirements.

Services Provided for Convocation Events

Planning & management for the event
Speaker selection & inviting them for the event
Staging, audio-visual and production for the event
Advertisements for the event
Managing media for the event
Building a good brand image for your college
Live streaming & telecast of the event
Social media promotion of the event
Event videography & photography
Corporate security services
Event catering
Coverage using drone cameras
Set designs through our art studio
Providing academic regalia
Stationary and documentation

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