With the latest innovations in drone technology, the commercial drones have come within the budget of corporate as well as private event organizers. Today drone camera are being used for videography and photography of outdoor events, weddings, live concerts, massive gatherings, marathons, car races, fashion shows, parties, corporate events, product launches and every single type of event possible. The use of drone cameras for events gives an aura of luxury experience, beautiful aerial shots for the event, multiple camera angles which are not possible with traditional cameras and at the same time the drone camera videography and photography for events are extremely affordable as well.

Our Research & Engineering team has developed in-house drone cameras which are perfect for meeting all our event videography & photography needs in addition to routine cameras. Perk Events is the proud to be the first company in India to use drone technology for event videography & photography and takes pride on encouraging the industry to adopt this technology.While earlier we used to import the drones for our use, we slowly realized that most commercially available drones are not suitable for indoor shooting. Thus we set up our own Drones & Robotics division to build drones most suitable for event coverage for even indoor events.

Benefits of Event Drone Camera Service Perfected by Perk Events in India

Extremely affordable service
Highest standard equipment with emphasis on build quality
4K Ultra HD Resolution Cameras
Superior on site management and support
Client input is taken for drone photography & videography
Clients are given edited videos with artistic effects

Services Under Drone Camera Division in India

Outdoor Event Drone Photography & Videography
Wedding Drone Videography & Photography
Corporate Event Drone Videography & Photography
Indoor Event Drone Videography & Photography
Survey Drone Videography & photography
Beach Event & Party Event Videography & Photography using Drones

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