The biggest revolution in live event interaction between host and guests in real time is the arrival of event social feed walls. Perk Events' is the first company in India to introduce Event Social Feed Walls to the events. We put up giant LED Screens at or near the event venue, where the hosts can show their live tweets, photos, multimedia and other content in real time.

We set up the system so that the host can just tweet an update with a specified hashtag, and that tweet will instantaneously appear on the giant screen for all event visitors to see. The clients can use this facility to show latest photos from events, important information and updates, create interactive events and also invite the live audiences to share their tweets on the wall in real time.

Features of Event Social Feed Wall Service by Perk Events

Showing event updates on giant screen in real time
Show twitter, facebook, instagram updates
Client can chose whether to show their own updates or also get updates from event audiences
Show full sized images and videos for the whole audiences to enjoy
Give important updates and information in real time
Hold important discussion and interactive real time discussions

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