For any event, it is extremely important to complete all necessary paperwork and take all appropriate licenses at the right time to avoid any legal issues before, during and after the event. Perk Events works with all the license providers in India and has the legal tools and experience to obtain the appropriate licenses for your event.

We also have a deep understanding of which licenses are needed for which type of events, and thus make sure that no single license is missed. Additionally, we connect with the highest license issuing authorities directly and thus you can get event licenses such as PPL, IPRS, Liquor Licenses etc of the cheapest rates available without going through any middlemen.

Major Types of Licenses Needed for Events in India (Varies from Event to Event and City to City)

PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) Licence
This license is needed for playing recorded music in public. If you are playing music of any artist for your fashion show, music show or a party, this license is needed to grant you the rights to do so. The fee paid for the license goes to the companies owning the rights to the music.
IPRS (Indian Performing Right Society Limited) Licence
This license is needed if you are organizing a concert or any other musical event where an artist is playing music live for the audience. The fee for this license goes to the Indian Performing Right Society which is an association of artists themselves. Thus this fee indreictly goes to the artists.
Excise (Liquor) License
This license is needed for events where alcohol is being served to the clients whether inside or outside the premises. This license is not needed if the venue already has a liquor license.
Loudspeaker License
This license is needed for all the events where loudspeakers are being used. Loudspeaker permission is obtained through local police authorities.
Premises License
This license is needed to carry out various kinds of activities at the event venue, such as playing music on loudspeakers at night, serving liquor, having gathering of more than 500 people etc. We can obtain this license for you through the local civil administration.
Performance License
This license is needed for a person (child) below the age of 18 years of age to perform in case she/he is being paid for the performance.
Commercial Taxes License
If you are selling tickets for your event, then it is necessary to take Commercial Taxes License and pay the entertainment tax applicable on the ticket sales. Perk Event team can take care of this license as well if you plan on selling the tickets.