Perk Events' best in the industry event lighting services help you uplift the whole mood of the event by utilizing state of the art event lighting equipment. We work with the clients on selecting every details of event lighting and ensure that the provided setup meets the clients vision of event production. We utilize the most powerful and energy efficient equipment to meet all the event management and production needs.

We provide uplighting, mono and multi-color illumination, sharpy lights, mongram projection, holographic projection on giant walls as well as on ground and specific projector screens. We utilize a perfect combination of smoke machines, laser lights, flame throwers (if needed), LED Dance Floors, Globe Lighting, pipe & drape lighting in addition to custom created lighting configurations as per the event needs.

Providing the Best Event Lighting Services for Events in India

Event Venue Lighting
This refers to the proper lighting of the general event areas inside and outside the venue including event stage, auditorium, galleries, common areas etc.
Sharpies, LEDs, Focus Lights
We utilize the best class of sharpies, LED Lights & Focus lights to lighten up the exact areas of the stage which are needed to be illuminated with the exactly needed amount of lights.
Monograms, Holographs & Projector Service
We use the most powerful projectors to project Monograms, Holographs, Logos, Images and Videos over giant Indoor/Outdoor walls, ground as well as any irregular surfaces such as hot air balloons, stone surfaces, water etc.
LED Dance Floors
We also provide the LED Dance floors for parties at extremely affordable prices.
Custom Lighting Configurations
For your events, our expert art & event production teams can collaborate to create custom event lighting configuration and unique devices to illuminate your event as per your exact vision.