We provide the written lowest quotation guarantee for all our artist management services, wherein if the client finds an artist performing at a lower rate that ours at a different event, we reimburse the difference to our client from our own account. This way the client is always assured of getting the lowest possible quotation for any given artist.

In addition to artist management, the lowest quotation guarantee scheme also covers all our other services with the given caveat that the quotation comparison shall be for the same level of services. In that case, we cover all the services provided by us to a client. A separate lowest quotation guarantee certificate is given to the client while signing the event agreement.

Features for Lowest Quotation Guarantee Scheme for Events

Lowest possible quotation is given to the client
It covers artist management, event production & all accessory services
Comparison is done for similar type of event, around the same dates
Services provided for free or as complementary are not compared
Comparison has to be done within one month of completion of the event