If you are putting up a well thought out marketing campaign for your event or your brand, it becomes imperative that you are able to assess whether your marketing strategies for the event are working or not and whether they are having the desired impact on the audiences or not. This can be done by periodically engaging with the audiences for recording their response.

We can assess whether the general public is aware about your event, whether they are interested in it, whether they have a positive image about your event and how impressed they are about the event. This information shall help you make course corrections, optimize your marketing strategy and adjust your plans for future events.

Features of Event Marketing Response Analysis by Perk Events

Audience feedback through online polls
Event Sentiment analysis through artifical intelligence algorithms
Marketing Impact analysis
Adjustment of marketing budget and startegy based on feedback
Utilization of modern algorithms and offline surverys
Actionable insights are generated from the study of the marketing response

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