During live events, one of the most important success metrices for the event is how the audience feels about the various aspects of the event. The best way to assess this is direct polling. Through our expertize in setting up and conduction of real time polling during the events, we can help you establish direct two way communication with the event audience. Through such fast and convenient polling facility, you can engage better with your audience and optimize your event according to your audience preference.

Our event polling technology relies on on-spot creation of polls such as polls on aritst performance, poll on event timing, poll on event ratings by audience, poll on food choices during event, poll on key points during guest speaker talks and any othr aspect of the event. The audiences do not have to install any app or register anywhere. They are shown a web address on screen or given an sms (if they have registered for the event), where they can just click and vote instantly. You can see the polling results in real time on screen.

Features of Live Event Audience Polling by Perk Events

No need for voter registration
Results are shown in real time on event screen
Unlimited number of polling options
Unlimited number of questions & responses
Voting through short web address

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