Whether you are organizing a charity roadshow, political rally, educational roadshow, peace march, solidarity march, bus based product tour or other simialr events, we have an extensive experience of organizing roadshows with the professionalism of the world class events even better than most indoor events in finesse.

We offer celebrity management, sponsorship management, event planning & management, security arrangements for event, venue sourcing, ticketing, promotion, PR & marketing for the event, event catering, event telecast, media management, social media management as well as all other event management services for organizing successful road shows.

Services Provided as Leading Conference Organizers

Finding venue for the roadshow and getting necessary clearances
Staging, audio-visual and production for the event
Advertisements for the event
Managing media for the event
Building a good brand image for your event, product or brand/company/party
Live streaming & telecast of the event
Social media promotion of the event
Venue selection & booking of the best venue for the event
Event videography & photography
Setting up brand associations for the roadshow (if corporate roadshow)
sponsorship management
Corporate security services
Licenses & permissions for the event
Event catering (if needed)

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