We employ the services of best security agencies in India to provide security at your event. Our team works with the security agents to secure the entries & exits of the event using the best trained personnel, metal detectors, explosive detectors, X-Ray scanners, CCTV Cameras, extra fencing, walkie-talkies and other state of the art event security equipment to provide your guests a feeling of utmost security at your event.

Perk Events' security team carefully studies the risk profile of the event, crowd estimation, crowd profile, crowd behaviour & venue atmosphere to strategically place bouncers & security agents at the key points inside and outside the event venue. The personnel deployed at the entry and exits work with the free agents and bouncers to keep the event safe and prevent any emergency situation from happening.

Benefits of Event Security Service by Perk Events

360 Degree analysis and study of the crowd profile
Usage of the best in the industry event security equipment & practices
Best trained bouncers for events
Expert security personnel
Extremely cost effective service
Use of Best Technology in equipment

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