Social media is THE most effective event promotion tool. There is nothing more powerful to promote your event. Social media platforms such as event facebook page, event twitter handle, event instagram profile, event apps & other social media channels can be perfect tools for promoting your event, making people excited about your event, inspiring them to join your event, sell event tickets and attract sponsorship for the event.

Our social media management services help you reach the correct audience in the most cost effective manner, promote your event, find new audiences, build loyal fan base for your event, deliver event related content to fans efficiently and incorporate a thorough social media campaign into your marketing strategy. Our event analytics services further help you streamline your social media strategy for maximum impact for your event.

Features of Event Social Media Management Service by Perk Events

Management of multiple event social media platforms
Using social media campaign as a marketing tool for prospective sponsors and audiences
Targeting correct demographics precisely for promotion of the event
Social media advertisements for very affordable prices
Formation of coherent social media startegy for events
Fast sharing of event multimedia online and quick distribution

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