In order to measure the impact of any event, it is extremely important to measure the events' relationship with its target audience. We help the clients assess this relationship between the event and its audience by tracking the audience behaviour on key metrices related to the event. We track which audiences are showing most interest in the event, whether they are likely to attend the event, and what is their behaviour after attending the event.

We utilize multiple services under our portfolio such as on-event audience measurement, crowd measurement algorithms, event social media activity, online traffic mentioning the event and proprietory tools for tracking the audience for corporate events, concerts, public events of the government, sports events and other mega events where audience tracking is extremely important.

Features of Audience Tracking Service by Perk Events

Audience tracking during the event
Crowd measurement algorithms
Tracking of social media activity
Utilization of Facebook pixels
Audience spending profile
Tracking of sports events, concerts, corporate events, government events as well as private events

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