Under our events video production services, we provide video production service for live events, wedding video production, concert video production, corporate event video production, product launch video production, movie promotion video production, fashion show video production, trailer & teaser production, award show video production and video production service for all events.

Video production does not refer to mere recording of the video, it includes animated video production, graphical video production, Event Video visual effects, script creation & art direction, post production work, editing, sound mixing, animation effects & color correction as well. Our art team, event drone videography team, event production crew and digital media experts all work together to create beautiful videos for your event.

Types of Event Video Production Service by Perk Events

Video production for live events
Wedding video production
Concert video production
Corporate event video production
Product launch video production
Movie Promotion video production
Fashion show video production
Trailers & Teaser production
Award show video production

Features of Event Video Production Service by Perk Events

Script creation & Art direction
2D & 3D animated video production
Graphical video production
Event video visual effects
Post production work on video
Video editing
Sound mixing
Animated effects
Color correction
Drone videography

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