In order to fully assess the success of any event, it is important to know the exact number of people that attended the event and the number of people present at the event at any given time. For smaller events, it is not a big issue as one can manually count the number of people attending the event. At bigger events such as open concerts, political rallies, open arena events etc., we need to use smart hardware tools & software algorithms.

We employ smart ticketing systems, badges, tokens, wrist bands to keep a tab on number of visitors. Advanced option for the gated events also include the use of turnstiles for smart counting. For open events such as political rallies, we utilize smart crowd counting algorithms along with the Jacob's method for crowd counting at the event.

Features of Crowd Number Counting & Estimation Service by Perk Events

Manual Count
Smart event ticketing systems
Badges & Tokens
Turnstiles for automatic counting
Jacob's Method
Smart crowd counting algorithms

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