Our engineering division is the only innovation lab of any event management company in India. We have set up our own drone & robotics research centre for developing advanced drones for covering our event management needs. At the same time, we also take pleasure in sharing this expertise with the students and general public and conduct technical workshops at the college festivals and as separate events as well.

We organize technical workshops, handicraft workshops, fitness workshops, modeling workshops, cooking workshops, photography & videography workshops, drone making workshops as well as multiple other skill focussed workshops through our partners in the various industries.

Services Provided for Organizing Workshops

Planning & management for the workshop
Training equipment and materials for the workshop
Staging, audio-visual and production for the event
Organizing drone making workshops & drone videography training
Organizing robotics workshops
Organizing other technical workshops
Organizing handicraft workshops
Organizing fitness workshops
Organizing modeling workshops
Advertisements for the event
Managing media for the event
Building a good brand image for the workshop
Live streaming & telecast of the workshop
Social media promotion of the event
Event videography & photography
Setting up brand associations for the workshop
Sponsorship management
Coverage using drone cameras
Set designs through our art studio
Travel & accomodation for the workshop
Ticketing & participant registration for the workshop

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